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Get Better Material Cost Insights with SAP and Power Apps

Many of our Manufacturing customers run SAP ERP for core engineering, manufacturing, and supply chain processes, and the Microsoft Power Platform can maximize and compliment the capabilities of SAP. SAP is great at complex transactional processing, and the Power Platform can augment it with user-friendly tools to improve usability and processes of running a large-scale enterprise for your engineering, sales, and service teams.

One eLogic customer, a global provider of innovative technology and productivity solutions to the semiconductor industry, wanted to improve their cost tracking methods tracking costs and make more informed financial decisions.

In the past, this customer was using spreadsheets to create quote contracts for consumable items, but had no consistent method of calculating margins. These spreadsheets were leading to errors and slow turnaround time.

The eLogic team created an app (with Microsoft Power Apps) that moved them to a streamlined process and leverages SAP data in an intuitive application available across mobile, desktops, and laptops, giving them greater insights and accessibility to their material costing.

With the new app, they start a project, add items to that project, and then SAP master data validates parts and real-time pricing information – ensuring greater accuracy and a user-friendly, faster process. All documents shared in the process are stored with an existing SharePoint online implementation, giving security through the Power Platform.

This app leverages existing SAP investments and makes it easier to use and consume, and from an end user perspective, provides accessibility on mobile, desktop, or laptop.

If you have an Excel spreadsheet currently serving a critical role in a business process, it’s probably a very good candidate for the Power Platform to protect that, make it more systematic, and make the data mineable instead of being just on a personal laptop or even a shared drive somewhere.

Recently I joined Microsoft for an event on this very topic called “Modernize Your SAP with Microsoft Power Apps” where I shared some best practices and industry trends, along with some fantastic success stories from some of our customers. I invite you to stream it here.

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