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From one Manufacturing CxO to another...Listen to, and Learn from, other Industry Leaders.

For manufacturers in today’s complex, dynamic, and IoT-enabled technology landscape, understanding your business and the market from every angle is critical. If you had an opportunity, what questions would you ask of those who have been in your shoes...and are now steps ahead? Listening to & learning lessons from others can help you prepare better & respond smarter to your next enterprise-wide decision about which technology platforms or solutions to adopt, how to ensure true security, or what steps to take to align your stakeholders commitments to the success of a new norm.

Watch the video to hear why Steve Hanna & Mike Shields believe in the value of peer to peer conversations on IoT & Digital Transformation. Contact us to join the next CxO Roundtable near you.

For your most important personal decisions, you probably engage with trusted friends and family to help you, relying upon more than internet research and reading blogs, right? Your most critical business decisions deserve the same kind of two-way conversations with like-minded industry leaders. Allow yourself to expand your knowledge by listening to the mistakes of others, sharing ideas, and relating to industry challenges & successes through conversation for real, applied learning. Embrace the seen and unseen circumstances in a non-threatening and non-competitive way.

You're in a position where results matter -- taking lessons learned by others will save you time, money, and resources.

"I get by with a little help from my friends" -- The Beatles

Steve Hanna is the US Industry Manufacturing Leader for Microsoft. Hanna spent 40 years in MFG, and was most recently the CIO of Kennametal, global leader in the design and manufacture of engineered components, advanced materials and cutting tools. Mike Shields is the CEO & Lead Industry Strategist for eLogic. Before founding eLogic in 1999, Mike spent his career holding executive management positions in Sales, Marketing, and Service/Aftermarket at several Fortune 500 Manufacturers.


Get the straight story from industry experts with direct insight into IoT and Digital Transformation in more than 100 companies and share ideas and lessons learned with your peers. Contact us to join the next CxO Roundtable near you.

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