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  • Matt Lamb

From Disparate Data to Prescriptive Selling [Webinar]

One of the most common frustrations manufacturers face is having a mountain of data that doesn’t feed them insights to improve their business. At the same time, organizations are feeling the pressure of meeting growth demands. And many know a tremendous opportunity is hidden within their data – but very few know how to unlock its potential to drive growth.

With Manufacturers’ focus across designing, engineering, selling, monitoring, and servicing their products, they collect tons of data along the way. The challenge is to streamline this data into real, meaningful insights to easily access and deliver on.

That’s why I’m inviting you to a webinar with myself and industry veterans David Kohar and Mike Shields, as we answer one of the most pressing questions facing manufacturers: How to make your data work for you? We’ll dive into market factors impacting manufacturing growth, sales enablement best practices, and analytics that leverage AI and machine learning to fuel what we call the next generation of selling.

Click here for details on our webinar, “From Disparate Data to Prescriptive Selling”, held on September 25, 2019.

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