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From CRM 1.0 to the Power Platform - Dynamics 365’s Past, Present and Future

An Interview with Mark Smith (NZ365Guy) and David Kohar

eLogic’s EVP of Business Solutions, David Kohar, has a deep and rich history within the world of Microsoft solutions, particularly around CRM. For over 20 years, David has been working in the CRM industry and started with the Microsoft platform back for the launch of CRM 1.0 in January, 2003. David was recently a guest on the NZ365Guy Power Platform Show, hosted by Microsoft Business Solutions MVP Mark Smith. As a Power Platform & Dynamics 365 evangelist, he has combined his understanding of business and software applications to demonstrate how technology can assist in digitally transforming organizations, leading teams to create award-winning and globally recognized solutions.

In this podcast, you’ll get to know David’s breadth and depth of consulting experience, highlights from 2019, what he’s looking forward to in 2020 from Microsoft, and the value of working with a close Microsoft partner.

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