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Four Ways to Improve Field Service Quality

The Energy Sector faces the most challenging industry compliance and standards for equipment and components. But there are ways to manage the constant streams of data, work history, and requirements into accessible tools that help your service organization stay on top of these to deliver what matters most to customers – quality.

In this video, I’m going to cover four key methods of improving service quality for the Energy Sector by using the ability to serialize assets at the component level, find the best techs for the job, manage your assets with a digital twin, and have access to asset structures, historical traceability of components, and related standards – all of which will take your service organization to a new level.

Components Whether installing new, maintaining, or being replaced, confirming parts is critical to success by ensuring each component is properly documented for each job Using serialization allows your techs to capture a QR code on your parts with a mobile device, which then is stored within the equipment’s work order history. The details of that history can be used down the road by service, sales, and other techs when they need information for a customer.

Resource Management Every job requires different certifications. Having access to every tech’s training and background ensures field service managers and dispatchers get the right tech for the job, reducing rework and improving first time fix rates.

Asset Lifecycle Management Asset digital twins are a record attached to a piece of equipment that shows its history of parts and service. Field technicians and engineers are your boots on the ground and can capture what parts are going in your products, if your competitors’ parts are being used, how often parts are being replaced or serviced, product and part condition, and more. Without that information, you miss out on insights that lead to predictive service calls, improved first time fixes, insights on quality, parts replacements, competition, and even details to help sales reps.

Knowledge Base This is your library. Each piece of equipment can have all the insights collected into reference materials your team can use to address any number of issues your customers encounter. A service rep can see if an issue has occurred before, find quick fixes to issues, techs can find manuals, managers can find company policies, and more.

We have included all of these features in our own field service solution, equipment360TM. We built it on the industry-leading Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service Platform with added features and functionality equipment service providers needs most. Click here to learn more about equipments360TM, and see how it can help every level of you service organization.

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