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  • Justin Pittman

Forrester names Microsoft a leader in Wave report for IIoT

With uncertain economic conditions, more competition than ever, and a greater focus on service, there’s a reason Microsoft is investing heavily – and succeeding in – the Industrial IoT space.

The Forrester Wave™: Industrial IoT Software Platforms report was recently released, naming Microsoft a leader in the industry. It’s not a huge surprise. Microsoft made a commitment to invest $5 billion in IoT by 2022 because they see what we see as a huge driver for industrial manufacturers, the opportunity to capture more data than ever before, transform supply chain optimization, smart manufacturing, product innovation, and improved field service. And it’s all done on a secure platform that allows flexible, scalable, cost effective IoT solutions.

As Forrester reported, “In volatile market conditions, conservative industrial giants must move faster to survive. The digital transformation of traditional manufacturing firms cannot — and must not — simply be about making existing industrial processes more efficient. These organizations must recognize the opportunity to use digital as a way to create more sustainable and more profitable customer relationships, continuously aligning product value to changing customer requirements.”

Out of 14 major IoT providers included in the report, Microsoft received the highest score possible in partner strategy, innovation roadmap, platform differentiation criteria, and market presence, along with the second-highest score in the category of current offering.

Forrester had this to say about Microsoft:

Microsoft powers industrial partners but also delivers a credible platform of its own. Microsoft's Azure public cloud infrastructure underpins many of the IIoT software platforms (Forrester) considered in this evaluation. Microsoft also offers a comprehensive set of IoT software platform capabilities that customers use to assemble their own solutions in the cloud and at the edge. Prospective customers see a broad range of increasingly capable solutions but are sometimes bewildered when faced with choosing between assembling Microsoft's building blocks on their own or paying a third party for a solution that has already done that work and added domain-specific value.

Microsoft continues to add features to the platform at an impressive rate, with the richer edge capabilities of Azure IoT Edge and the simplified application and device onboarding offered by Azure IoT Central formally launching since (Forrester) last evaluated this market. The Azure Digital Twin service, currently in preview, offers capabilities likely to be of interest to the company's industrial partners and customers. Microsoft continues to favor products and services from its own portfolio: Compelling augmented reality capabilities still lean heavily on Microsoft's Dynamics software or HoloLens hardware, for example. Microsoft Azure IoT offers a powerful proposition for those with existing investments in the Azure cloud or for customers heavily dependent on industrial equipment makers such as ABB or Schneider Electric that base their own digital efforts exclusively on Azure.

eLogic is a proud Microsoft partner. Every day we’re helping manufacturers disrupt traditional markets through digital transformation using IoT. We’re focused on manufacturing, and when we leverage Microsoft’s Azure-backed IIoT platform, our customers optimize their manufacturing and field service processes, evolving from simply selling and making their products, to a more substantial and sustaining service-based model with sticky offerings. Our pre-built, IIoT solutions leverage Microsoft’s Power Platform to bridge the gap between shop floor control systems (OT) and front-end business applications (IT), providing holistic solutions. Unlock the value of data you are already collecting and enhance your operations through use cases such as predictive maintenance and remote monitoring.

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