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  • Mike Shields

Field Service: REMPREX's Modernization Journey

I love to see manufacturers & service providers driving transformation through tech innovation.

Modernization & transformation can come in a lot of forms, whether it’s through a platform shift, finding new business models, or complete operational overhauls – sometimes all of these & more.

Recently, we held an event to shed light on how manufacturers & equipment service providers are becoming Intelligent Enterprises through Data-Driven Field Service. I was fortunate to be joined by Jeremy Laskos, General Manager for REMPREX, who has dedicated his career to transportation maintenance and intermodal logistics, utilizing technology-enabled operations to optimize processes from end to end. REMPREX has a fantastic service modernization story, and I want to share some highlights that show the power of data, platforms, and a strategic approach.

Leveraging Technology to Differentiate

Your service offerings can separate you from the competition. Positioning strategically with unique offers and insights gives your customers improved uptime and performance. In the case of REMPREX, they are developing their own telemetry solutions and integrating IoT to give customers insights into their traffic patterns, bottlenecks, and issues so REMPREX can be an integral part of their business. In this clip, Jeremy discusses how REMPREX is differentiating their service offerings with a modern service platform.

Speed to value

Modern technology platforms enhance your ability to change and enable you to realize growth while improving operations, safety, and customer satisfaction. Hear why Jeremy describes REMPREX’s investment in a platform as their “glidepath” to predictive maintenance – giving them key tools & functionality they need now, out of the gate, with the capability to grow as their needs & abilities advance in the future.

Power of Data

Many organizations have successfully turned their service operations into a revenue center by utilizing data that is surfaced in cohesive, actionable intelligence to create new products, automate service orders, help deploy new products, document work orders, track inventory, and much more – all aimed at improving margins and service. Modern platforms put that data at the fingertips of an entire service organization in ways that are easy to understand, use, and take action through integrated workflows. In this clip, Jeremy discusses how REMPREX is utilizing the power of real time data to make real impact and improve their service capabilities.

Ability to Service the Future

Not every manufacturer or service provider is prepared for IoT or predictive maintenance. But the beauty of modern service platforms is they enable immediate business outcomes and operational improvements while setting enterprises up for the future of service. Here, Jeremy talks about the journey to predictive maintenance – the ability to anticipate a problem before it occurs and fix it by utilizing machine data, and why REMPREX chose a platform that can grow with them and support their future service plans.

This is just a sampling from the modernization journey of REMPREX. You can watch the entire event in our Intelligent Enterprise series – available here for streaming.

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