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Equipment Sustainment for DoD

Readiness is vital for government and defense contractors.

In a world of changing threats and increasingly complex demands our legacy DOD systems are being strained to provide the timely and complete insights needed to sustain operations and ensure readiness. We’ve mastered the ability to provide most of the needed capabilities without having to replace the antiquated core systems. Proven in DOD aircraft sustainment and asset management across multiple branches, we provide complete oversight of every mission-critical component, measured & controlled for every operational hour, operational cycle, and mission event – all in real time while meeting the regulatory reporting and compliance requirements.

eLogic’s Equipment Sustainment for DOD solution extends the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service platform specifically to meet the needs of government and defense contractors. We’ve added additional features that monitor your entire organization, from equipment status and maintenance logs to inspection reports and tool inventory. You’ll see the entire operation live, with automated reports, fleet status, readiness dashboards, and resource utilization analytics. And because it’s built on the Microsoft Platform, it is certified to meet the rigid requirements of Impact Level 5 cloud security.

Click below to download a thorough look at eLogic’s equipment sustainment solution built for aerospace and defense.

To learn more about equipment sustainment, please click here.

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