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  • Lawrence Matusek

eLogic Was "Simplify" When "Simplify" Wasn’t Cool

Perhaps I am dating myself a bit with that title, but anyone like me who came of age in Texas in the early 1980s would surely recognize Barbara Mandrell’s #1 hit "I Was Country When Country Wasn't Cool". In that era, country music was crossing the threshold from a type of western folk music to mainstream appeal. No longer was it something that you only heard in dance halls or on the AM radio in my uncles' pickup trucks. It was becoming popular everywhere including the big screen (remember Urban Cowboy).

In the song, Barbara explains that she was born to be a country musician and didn’t become one just to tag along with its growing popularity. It literally defines she is and who she will always be. She sang:

I was country when country wasn't cool

I was country from my head down to my boots

I still act and look the same

What you see ain't nothing new

I was country when country wasn't cool

So you can imagine how happy I was to see that "Simplify" was the central theme at this year's SAP SAPPHIRE conference. Simplify has been eLogic's tagline for at least the last ten years. There is one word on the back of our business cards, and that word is Simplify. It isn't just some buzzword or fad for eLogic; it is our mission statement, our raison d'être (the reason we exist). We’ve made it our business to remove unnecessary complexity from SAP solutions, by understanding and leveraging the often obscure or hidden NATIVE capabilities. There are more than 100 of these solutions in our simplification gallery – each designed and developed for specific customer, market, and product types.

Hence eLogic Was Simplify When Simplify Wasn’t Cool. We have always been about the simplification of complex requirements, processes, data, and technologies. We have been doing this in the SAP marketplace in over 100 projects during the last 12 years. Customers keep asking for ways to work smarter and we keep finding new and simpler ways to deliver world class solutions and compelling business benefit. That ain't nothing new for us (pardon my Texan speak).

You might think that we would be upset that SAP has taken our idea and made it theirs - quite the contrary. We're flattered. They are legitimizing what we have strongly believed and delivered throughout our history. I suspect that SAP's campaign to simplify is a reaction to the marketplace demanding simpler solutions to ever growing needs. This will take more than adding some new code here or an interface there. This will also take some reimagining and redevelopment. Much of this is already underway at SAP. eLogic has been working within SAP influence groups to guide several of these developments, and we are getting ready to make them meaningful for our customers.

There’s a lot of unnecessary complexity out there. It has grown geometrically over the past decade, driven by globalization, technology advances, the internet economy, the knowledge based society, and product/market differentiation (among others). All of this seems overwhelming at times – but it can be addressed with smart simplification… of processes, knowledge deployment, and technology enablers. These are the three pillars of Simplification. By taking these into a balanced business solution, companies are realizing the value of true smart simplification.

In fact, this year eLogic is rolling out a new set of business solutions that will simplify the connection of various SAP applications to solve specific business challenges. You don’t have to figure it out or build it yourself - we are using our years of deep domain experience to do that for you. Is that really needed you ask? Well I was told that there are now more than 900 applications in the SAP product portfolio. That doesn’t even include complementary offerings for very specialized needs. Unless your solution architects have a full understanding of how to provide the solutions that we provide, I suggest you give us a look. Stay tuned for a future blog about our new solutions.

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