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  • Kris Shields

eLogic has arrived at the Riverwood Tech Campus!

The much-anticipated move of our eLogic headquarters is finally here! We are proud to announce eLogic has arrived at the Riverwood Tech Campus, now open for business in Monroe County. eLogic recently moved in and we are thrilled to be the inaugural tenant, ensuring we set a strong trajectory for the technology campus.

This move is about more than additional office space for our company (which, yes, we did need as we continue to grow!). Our new Rochester-based headquarters is a reinforcement of our brand & commitment to the market as the next generation of eLogic evolves.

For our customers, we are accelerating their advances in IoT, AI, Cognitive Services, Analytics, Integration, and Sales, Marketing, & Service enablement. We are unwavering in our focus to lead our customers’ digital manufacturing transformation as true category experts.

The cornerstone of our new HQ is the eLogic MEC (Manufacturers’ Experience Cent

er), showcasing that same expertise. We are integrating a hands-on experience center to display the solutions and outcomes we enable for our customers. We have partnered with several of our manufacturing customers to incorporate their equipment, connected to the technology solutions we enable, so visitors can see the impact and attainability of making an equivalent digital transformation.

For our team of eLogicians, our new space provides a forward-leaning, technology-enabled environment tailored to the different ways we drive results over the course of a day. Whether working heads-down on your own, breaking out in a group collaboration, leading an organized meeting, or casually catching up in the cafe…we’ve got it covered. It’s been fantastic to see the energy & engagement even in our first few weeks! No doubt that energy will only build as the campus takes shape with new neighbors sharing our desire to work in an environment that is technology-focused, eco-friendly, and integrated with the outdoors.

For our Partners, come visit! eLogic is a premier partner with Microsoft and recognized as their Manufacturing Partner of the Year in 2015, U.S. Partner of the Year in 2016, and recently named the Field Service Partner of the year for the U.S for 2018. eLogic and Microsoft are working in partnership to build a workforce that can leverage technology to drive the future of manufacturing. Microsoft empowers us with extensive readiness, enablement, and education resources to achieve this end, and our new campus will be a pivotal element to our program.

For our community, we look forward to continuing hiring strong local talent, both experienced professionals across business, industry, & technology, and through our incredible partnerships with local schools. We are just a mile down the road from the RIT campus, and have a 14-year record of success with the co-op program. This move will allow us to offer a broader set of ways to engage & partner together. You can learn more about eLogic and the team we are building here.

We are proud of the roots of our company, and as we approach our 20th year of business, we are excited for all that the future holds for our company, customers, partners, and community.

You can learn more about the Riverwood Tech Campus here:

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