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  • David Kohar

Effective Training Leads to Higher User Adoption for Digital Selling Initiatives

The Right Training Framework for Sales Modernization Initiatives

After spending weeks or months working on your sales modernization initiative, you are now ready to launch your solution to your team. To maximize your investment, you need to train them effectively to get culture adoption and best practice use of the solution.

While there are multiple methods to train adults, the framework for how you approach it is critical. We focus on a three-prong framework to provide the right context and the right detail to the users to get them started on their journey.

Training Framework

Start with Why. Clearly explain why you’re launching this initiative in the first place and the importance of it to the business and to the individuals themselves. People will buy-in and work much harder to drive success when they understand and believe in the “Why.” Simon Sinek has one of the most viewed Ted Talks on this topic and it really drives home the point based on science.

Next, we want the sales team to know “What” to do and “How” to do it while giving them an opportunity to practice so that they can build it into their daily routine.

The “What” is the process, not the solution. For example, in a sales modernization initiative a new sales process is often introduced at the same time. Use this part of the training to reinforce the new sales process. The “How” is all about the practical steps of using the solution to support the “What.”

Leverage Video as a Medium for Training

Video has taken off as a preferred method of learning and we like to incorporate it using the above framework. You don’t have to go further than YouTube to see how people have turned to video for learning new skills or informing themselves of new solutions.

There are 5 reasons to leverage video as a key part of your overall training program:

  1. Learning Preference – Many people find it easier to understand a process after watching a video over other forms of mediums like training manuals.

  2. Microlearning and reinforcement – If the person forgets a part of the process, they can go back and review the “5-minute video” on that one topic very efficiently.

  3. It satisfies multiple learning styles – Use visual, auditory and text for maximizing learning impact.

  4. Reduces cognitive load – It is easier to watch a video than read a training manual.

  5. Engage and entertain – In this age of digital, we need to make sure we are engaging and holding the user’s attention – so make sure to make your video content entertaining and upbeat!

How are you leveraging video in your sales modernization initiatives to drive adoption?

If you are looking to help your manufacturing sales team be more effective at Digital Selling, reach out to me directly on LinkedIn here.

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