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Dynisco: The Advantage of Digital Sales Modernization

For Dynisco – a multi-national manufacturer serving the polymer industry – their sales team had limited sales tools, using spreadsheets to track sales statuses and pipeline.

Their global sales team lacked insights into their processes & pipeline and had no method of tracking sales analytics. This limited insight afforded them little opportunity to be proactive in customer communications, sales coaching, pipeline accuracy, and relationship follow-through. ​ Dynisco leadership knew they had to better support their sales team with a transformational sales platform. Dynisco partnered with eLogic to modernize their sales operations with Advantage Sales™, a digital selling solution for manufacturers built on the Microsoft platform. ​ Advantage Sales™ gave Dynisco pipeline visibility they lacked, allowing Sales Leaders to coach their sales team better. Dynisco is seeing a 40% improvement in accuracy of their pipeline with a wholistic view of each stage and a 30% improvement in Sales Coaching Productivity.

Click below for a detailed look at Dynisco’s Sales Modernization.

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