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Dynamics CRM Tech Tip – Fix Field Labels from Being Cut Short

If you recently upgraded your Microsoft Dynamics CRM system from CRM2011 to CRM2013 you have noticed a LOT of changes to the user interface. Most of the changes in the new version of Dynamics CRM are great, but some have caused a little confusion, for example: Field labels being cut short. With CRM 2011 the fields would just wrap to the next line – not the case with CRM 2013, but there are settings that you can adjust to make forms readable in CRM. I’ll walk you through an example where you have long labels that start with the same few words, shown below:

In this example I have two fields that look identical (unless you hover over them and wait for the tool tip to appear). The actual fields are: “Resources required from Human Resources” and “Resources Required from Accounting”.

I have two viable options for getting these fields to display in a more usable manner:

1. Adjust “Field Label Width” within the Section Properties on the form (Max=250)

You can see the labels are now fully displayed on the form:

2. Adjust “Field Label Position” in the Section Properties to be set to “Top”

The labels are now placed on top of all the entry fields within the section:

Of course the third option is to reduce the length of the labels on the forms, but sometimes that just isn’t an option.

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