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Dynamics CRM Tech Tip: Adding Tool Tips in CRM 2013

One of the most requested features when implementing previous versions of Microsoft Dynamics CRM has always been the inclusion of “tool tips” – those helpful hints that appear when you hover over fields to instruct the user how to fill them out.

Up until now, this has unfortunately not been an option. However, CRM 2013 brings good news!

As a System Administrator, you can now define the tool tip element of your field by accessing the form in edit mode.

From this edit mode, select the field you’d like to modify, and select Change Properties:

When the Field Properties window opens up, select the Details tab. Select Edit to change the pre-populated values. Enter in the description field whatever you would like your Tool Tip to display:

Your Tool Tip will now display on the field in CRM when hovering over the field name:

Just one more reason to upgrade to CRM 2013. Happy customizing!

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