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  • Ulrik Carlsson

Dynamics 365 Appointments: How to Save as Draft & Only Sync When Ready

Syncing your appointments in Dynamics 365 is a great feature that keeps everyone's calendars up-to-date.

But what if you do not want to sync all appointments, or maybe you want some time to refine or draft an appointment prior to synchronizing it; and by doing so, send an email to the participants when it hits Outlook.

Previously, Dynamics 365 only gave you the option whether to sync appointments. When you hit the ‘Save’ button, the appointment would sync to Outlook, and emails would go out to all participants.

With the introduction of Dynamics 365 v, you now have the option to 'Save as Draft’ when saving an appointment. This allows you to save an appointment as a draft, and it will not synchronize to Outlook, until you click on ‘Send’.

You can also use the save button in the lower right corner, or press Ctrl+S to save the appointment as a draft.


This feature must be enabled via the 'OrgDBSettings'. To change this setting, you need a tool like Sean McNellis’ “Organization Settings Editor (Dynamics 365)”, shown below, which can be found here.

Note: We only recommend changing these settings if you have the appropriate experience.

As shown below, in order to enable this feature, change the 'AllowSaveAsDraftAppointment' Current Value to “true”. Once set, you will now have ‘Save as Draft’ as the default behavior on Appointments.

A few notes:

  • Dynamics 365 v9.1.0.646 was the earliest version in which we saw this feature implemented. The setting may be available in earlier versions but will not work like in this example.

  • A Boolean true/false field has been added to the Appointment called “isdraft” and is used to indicate whether an appointment has been sent.

  • [Draft] text appears on the form, but not in views.

The draft field cannot be added to a View, but it can be used as a filter in a View and shown on lists in Power BI.

Aside from the [Draft] indication when the form is open, there does not seem to be a way to distinguish between draft appointments and regular ones. We would recommend using a View for this.

This is a great tip to keep you organized & prevent sending unwanted emails to your team. Use the ‘Save as Draft’ option to make sure you send the right appointments to your team to keep your calendars in sync.

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