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  • James Lundquist

CPQ With Distributors

If you’re looking to get started adding distributors to your CPQ, this presentation with James Lundquist gives an extensive overview & demonstration.

He’ll walk through the challenges, best practices, and tools to manage distributors, whether it’s offering a user-friendly experience, having more control over what distributors are quoting, how they’re quoting and pricing, or the way your quotes are branded and presented to customers. He’ll also cover the access allowed to distributors in CRM, Commerce, and CPQ, what integrations are needed to makes these function, and the training needed for distributors to understand the latest processes and products – all aimed at making you easier to do business with.

  • Define your CPQ goal with distributors.

  • Better control margins by controlling the pricing process.

  • Improve forecasting by managing your pipeline, and having visibility into your distributor pipeline.

  • Manage and segregate data and customer lists, customer information data, and more.

James Lundquist is eLogic’s Customer Engagement Lead, with more than 15 years of experience as both a CPQ customer and a leader of successful CPQ projects.

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