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  • Lawrence Matusek

CPQ Sessions at the Upcoming SAP Configuration Workgroup (CWG) Conference

The interest and focus on CPQ solutions are greater than we’ve seen in 20 years as companies push to make the customer experience better and enable mass customization in more ways than ever. SAP has risen to this challenge with a robust variety of solutions to meet customers’ needs. Understanding the nuances of these solutions can be a daunting challenge to both select the right product and implement it to optimally meet the requirements of each business unit.

Discussing ideas and solutions for tackling these challenges will once again be the focus of the Configuration Workgroup (CWG) Conference Oct. 6-9 in St. Louis, and eLogic is excited to present a range of sessions on strategic and operational topics.

Here is a brief preview of the presentations:

Configurable Service

Service Offerings are quickly becoming a new revenue focus for many traditional manufacturers. Service is often an underserved area in the configuration business, which is usually focused on products. The explosion of IoT enablement is driving manufacturers to offer more tailored service and warranty offerings. This session will explain how to apply configuration to services and what benefits you can get from instantly giving your customers the exact service plan they want.

Configure to Stock

Make to order configuration can be a big step for many companies who have traditionally sold SKU-based products, but that doesn’t mean they cannot reap huge benefits through configuration technologies. This is especially true when product families contain hundreds or thousands of SKU with the same characteristics in the same product family. Learn how you can configure-to-stock to harness the power of configuration in sales while using product numbers for fulfillment.

Intelligent Routings

Routings explain the details of the manufacturing process (i.e. the steps, locations, times, and tools required to build a product). In job shops with high product mix and small lot sizes, routings are often believed to be too complex to create and maintain with much accuracy, so companies often rely on human experts to do route planning manually. There are numerous ways that a product can be built, and the optimal way to build it depends on the other products being built concurrently. Leveraging the power of configuration, we will explain concepts and show how routings can be automatically and precisely calculated for any production environment.

The [Variant] Price is Right

Come on down! SAP pricing is arguably as robust as variant configuration, but the optimal solution for many business requirements is not always obvious. Suboptimal solutions will lead to extensibility and maintenance challenges over time. Learn how variant pricing really works with the details that relate to variant conditions, records, pricing procedures, and calculations. We will also discuss the difference between purchasing and sales pricing.

Restrictions on Characteristic Values

With SAP’s new Advanced Variant Configurator (AVC), there are new methods to consider for the fundamental modeling requirement for characteristic value restriction. We'll review the existing capabilities of the LO-VC (i.e. ECC configurator) listing the pros and cons to each one, and we will touch on the new capabilities of the AVC. Best practices will be discussed including ease of use, maintenance, and design considerations.

LO-VC Conversion

Configure Price Quote (CPQ) and Advanced Variant Configuration (AVC) represents the future of SAP configuration and many companies are investigating how to leverage and migrate their existing LOVC models to work with these new offerings. We will explain a few LOVC to CPQ/AVC conversion paths, and we will specify issues and challenges to consider.

The Game Changing SAP CPQ

True CPQ has been an SAP gap for 20 years, forcing many customers to complicate their landscape by looking to third parties. Now you can replace third-party solutions with robust native functionality and integration. Learn what CPQ can do and how to get started while leveraging your existing SAP investments. See examples of rich native functionality and system integration scenarios.

Lawrence Matusek, CTO and Managing Partner of eLogic, was recently elected to the position of President of the SAP Configuration Workgroup and Vice Chairman of its Executive Committee.

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