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CPQ and the Great Resignation

According to a report by the MIT Sloan School of Management, more than 24 million Americans left their jobs between April and September 2021. It seemed unimaginable, but with shifts in the market and a global pandemic, many were shifting priorities, positions, and locations.

One of the areas hit hardest by this seismic shift in the work force was sales. A recent report from recruiting website ZipRecruiter showed that there were more than 700,000 sales vacancies on their platform, a 65% increase from the previous years.

Manufacturers, especially those who sell complex, highly configurable products, have felt this loss as veteran sales reps with 40 years of experience were retiring, or finding promotions at competitors.

However, technology can be a tremendous tool to help solve the challenges of knowledge loss from prior employees. In this video, eLogic’s Lawrence Matusek and Scott Perdue take you through the benefits SAP CPQ can bring to your sales team to help bridge the gaps left by The Great Resignation.

Topics include:

· Technology can replace expert knowledge lost

· Guided selling and intelligent quoting to simplify complex product sales

· How SAP CPQ can help speed up sales rep training

"Model Once Configure Anywhere" image courtesy of Marin Ukalovic, SAP

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