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Copying Configurable Materials Using Transaction CUCK

Has creating all those variant configuration materials become a real time-consuming activity in your organization? Read on to find out about a transaction code to copy configurable materials in a quick and straightforward way.

When working with variant configuration, it is very common to have a lot of materials to create. The usual transactions, when used in the right order, will certainly accomplish the desired task, but it can be quite time-consuming.

As summarized in this graphic below, you first have to copy the material master itself using MM01, then its classification using CL24N, and finally the profiles using CU41:

What makes this time-consuming is not only do you need to switch transactions, but you are also entering information more than once, which is never very productive.

What you could do instead of using these three transactions, is use transaction CUCK, which is really a three-in-one. It will create the material, classification and profiles in one shot. All you need to do is fire up the transaction, enter the material to create, and finally the reference material and plant. Then, hit execute and you’re done!

Be aware though, since you only provide plant information as input when you use CUCK, no sales-related data will ever be copied over. If you ever need to maintain sales-related data for a lot of different materials, consider using MM17, which is for the mass maintenance of material masters.

Watch eLogic’s “Quick Tip” video on how to copy configurable materials quickly in SAP.

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