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Azure Machine Learning, Data Science, & Power BI Sessions at CRMUG Summit 2018

Data Science....Data Models...Azure Machine Learning....Power BI. All at the CRMUG Summit this year in three action packed sessions led by eLogic's Matt Lamb & Ulrik Carlsson. See you in Phoenix!

Sales Needs Data Science, Too [SA12]

Tuesday, October 16 | 1:15PM - 2:15PM | Location: 225B | Format: Presentation | Level: Intermediate

We will do an overview and demonstration of how Azure Machine Learning + Microsoft Dynamics 365 can show a sales person that might have dozens of accounts and 100,000 possible products to sell the exact next best product to sell each customer.

Meet the Presenter:

Matt Lamb | Data Science and Analytics Lead

ABC... Best Practices for Creating Data Models [POWDC09]

Wednesday, October 17 | 3:45PM - 4:45PM | Location: 229AB North Building | Format: How2 | Level: Basic Level

Learn best practices when creating your data models and reports in Power BI Desktop. From organizing your queries to cleaning your visuals, the little things that make a great report will be reviewed. Also learn some tricks & tips that will make creating Power BI models a better experience for you, the author, and your end users!

Charts With CRM Chart Guy [BIR10]

Thursday, October 18 | 1:15PM - 2:15PM | Location: 225A | Format: Presentation | Level: Intermediate

What is happening with charts? Have you noticed your chart customizations disappear in the new UI? What are going to be the customization options moving forward, and how do you upgrade your current custom charts to the new UI? Join this session with Ulrik Carlsson, CRM Chart Guy, and learn all about the new charting options and plan for converting your current custom charts to the new UI.

Meet the Presenter:

Ulrik Carlsson | Business Solutions Lead

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