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AHR Expo Recap

Fresh off the floor of the AHR EXPO in Orlando, the world’s largest Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning and Refrigeration (HVACR) marketplace, I am optimistic about many manufacturers’ recognition of their need to be more productive, more connected and engaged with customers and channel partners, and more intelligently leveraging data and sharing knowledge. These are important strategies for any company, and even more so for manufacturers today in light of an increasingly challenging economy. Manufacturers are facing a few BIG market shifts, including:

AHR was a great place for me to see and discuss these key market shifts first-hand with the people who are on their company’s front lines. Booth to booth, we discussed how these shifts are affecting manufacturers’ daily operations, relationships, and sales; and I heard their questions, as they looked for ways to respond -- “How do we…

  • Increase workforce productivity to enable a better response to customer demand?

  • Access and share the knowledge of our experienced experts?”

  • Intelligently engage with our channel partners?

  • Adapt to a global buying and selling environment?

My view on the answers to these questions is that there are fundamental changes required in how manufacturers go to market to their customers to be able to (re)gain competitive advantage. Our customers are lamenting to us how tough the market is in manufacturing today -- you need solutions that are going to increase productivity, engagement, seamless experiences, and intelligent action. Here is a deeper perspective on what eLogic views as the most important responses manufacturers need to embrace to survive in the Age of the Customer:

1. Engage to Improve Experiences

Make it easy for your customers, channels, and partners to do business with you by engaging at all stages of the lifecycle – Marketing, Sales, and Service.

2. Collaborate

Capitalize on the full breadth and depth of knowledge across your organization by enabling teams to work together securely, efficiently, quickly, and everywhere.

3. Share Knowledge

Digitize and deploy knowledge to enable and empower your team to present your best offer to your customers and partners every time, from anywhere.

4. Employ Data

It isn’t just about accessing the oceans of data available; it’s about USING it to empower your enterprise with insights, stories, and analytics to drive intelligent and actionable decisions for increased performance.

5. Integrate

Simplify the flow of data & transactions to allow for seamless and harmonized systems and experiences. Leverage core platforms and connect high value-add applications.

Always available to discuss the Age of the Customer,

Erica Capozzi - Director of Customer Engagement

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