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Agile Factory Strategy: 1 Day Assessment

Review your strategies for digitizing manufacturing operations & refining specific opportunities with this 1-day assessment & workshop focuses on helping manufacturing customers progress their digital journeys on the shop floor.

Shop floors are stockpiles of information and expertise but capturing and leveraging that data in a sensible way is a big challenge. Manufacturers are faced with consolidating data from disparate systems, integrating a collection of old and new technology solutions, and extending the use of enterprise technology from the knowledge worker to the front-line worker.

During the first half of this workshop, customers partner with eLogic industry experts to review current and planned initiatives, hear from experts on current industry trends, and consider how Microsoft Azure can pave the way from strategy to execution and optimization. In the second half, eLogic helps to map the current state of systems and data for a sample environment into a current state architecture. eLogic will add items to that architecture and identify any accelerators in Azure that will support strategic objectives of the organization and progress its digital maturity.

The deliverables include a high-level current state technology architecture with added recommendations, as well as a roadmap of next steps to consider with guidance on how to integrate technology into operational processes for managing and continuously improving operations. Recommended roadmap items will highlight how the Microsoft platform can help accelerate digitization – for example using Power Apps to create low-code and highly functional services, Azure Synapse Analytics to transform and deliver data, and Power BI to surface insights gleaned from equipment and shop floor activities.

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To view this Agile Factory Strategy Assessment on Microsoft Azure Marketplace, click here .

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