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Adaptec Solutions is Leading their Industry through Technology-enabled Lifecycle-Services

Adaptec grew their product and service offerings when they acquired two companies. But with three companies now joined, new complications arose in managing their service departments.

They were managing multiple field service teams with various methods, like spreadsheets and whiteboards, and unable to efficiently manage resources, collect data, or track inventory in a single place. They needed to unify their service departments under one, easy-to-use solution.

After partnering with eLogic to launch equipment360™ on the Microsoft platform, they’re now connecting equipment and unifying service operations with common processes, differentiating through outstanding customer service with clear visibility into key analytics like meantime to failure, first time fix rate, repair quote turnaround time, and average profitability by asset or service type.

Click below to download an in-depth case study that shows how Adaptec gained 20% efficiency improvements in their service within just a few months of launching equipment360™.

To see more on Adaptec Solutions, visit this page on our website.

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