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Accelerate Sales & Service Beyond Table Stakes [On-Demand Event]

Drive your business forward with insights-led modernization.

On-Demand Event Overview:

Join this virtual discussion on  with industry leaders from Kennametal and Adaptec Solutions to hear about their insight-driven modernizations, and how they are driving revenue growth, extending services offerings, maximizing product lifecycle, and surpassing customer expectations. Our panel of industry experts discuss:

  • Taking Sales to Another Level: Forecasting with AI, using Recency Frequency Monetary (RFM) analysis, and applying sales suggestions and product recommendations with high likelihood to close.

  • Future-Proof Platforms: Finding a platform that enables you to start where you are & achieve your long-term goals, including utilizing IoT & analytical insights.

  • Connecting Sales & Service: Sharing information across sales & service to maximize opportunities.

Learn More about Advantage™ Sales

Advantage™ | Digital Selling Optimized for Manufacturers

Advantage™ is a digital selling solution for manufacturers that provides holistic insights on customers, seller performance, and pipeline in a single, intuitive application. Built on the industry-leading Microsoft platform, Advantage™ delivers industry sales process enhancers that bring manufacturers closer to their customers and channel partners than ever before with a structure that streamlines, accelerates, and advances how manufacturers sell original equipment, aftermarket parts & service, and service renewals. Identifying the right customers, building meaningful relationships, offering them the right product at the right time, and streamlining the entire sales process is at the heart of Advantage™ process and insights.


Event Speakers:

Greg Stokes, Global IT Director | Kennametal

Andrew Creathorn, CEO | Adaptec Solutions

Matt Lamb, Data Science & Analytics Lead | eLogic

Mike Shields, Founder & Industry SME | eLogic

David Kohar, EVP Business Solutions | eLogic

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