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A Remote Assist Demo with HoloLens & Mobile Device

Protecting your customers and employees while continuing outstanding service has never been more important.

In this demonstration, you’ll see how technicians can use a HoloLens or mobile device with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Remote Assist to remotely and safely give support, get expert help, and improve service.

Your customers, techs, and engineers can use a mobile device or HoloLens to share their view of equipment, calling back to an in-house expert who can walk them through inspections, repairs and installations. This demo shows how your in-house experts can use Remote Assist to make annotations in real time from the office or home, guiding techs while on site. This all leads to improved first time fix rates, reduced service costs, and increased customer satisfaction.

What makes Remote Assist such a power tool?

  • Collaboration – Field Technicians can problem-solve faster the first time. With video calls through a HoloLens or mobile device, techs and engineers can receive live guidance from experts, even getting manuals and other visuals in their view.

  • Inspections – Review, document, and evaluate from anywhere. Manufacturers are also doing quality control with customers remotely.

  • Training – Manufacturers are turning to remote assist for training plant workers remotely, anywhere in the world, safely.

  • Document Sharing – Remote assist also gives you the ability to take photos and share them within the organization.

  • Share a live feed from the field – Techs and engineers share a real-time video feed with their team of experts in-house, which reduces the need for additional travel and time on site.

Learn more about equipment360™, eLogic’s asset-centric field service solution built on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service, and how your entire service enterprise can benefit from a single platform.

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