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  • David Kohar

9 Strategies for Successful Digital Selling In Your Manufacturing Organization

One thing 2020 taught us was that we needed to learn effective ways to build relationships and stay engaged with our customers, even when we couldn’t be in front of them.

This factor drove a digital modernization in our customers, and in many cases, a move to more social selling which I refer to in the rest of this blog post as digital selling or virtual selling.

Now that we are moving back to a more hybrid working environment, how can we make digital selling a key part of our approach? Gartner predicts that 80% of B2B sales interactions will be digital by 2025, even in this hybrid working environment. With a digital sales model, some core selling principles still apply: people buy from people they trust, there are typically 6+ people involved in most B2B buying decisions, and sales reps need to add value in new ways.

Digital selling begins with defining the best practices that work for your organization and consistently executing on the right routine every week. What are your best practices for meeting preparation, meeting follow-up, and prospecting...and how is the team effectively executing on these best practices?

The key to unlocking the value of digital selling solutions is to develop an effective routine for your sales team to follow.

Below, I outline the 9 digital selling activities that you can incorporate into your sales strategy:

  1. Meeting preparation – An effective way to get into the right habit here is to block 15-20 minutes on your calendar the day before or morning of your meeting and go through the top three topics that need review before the session. From a digital selling perspective, that could be:

  2. Key Contacts Review – How long have they been in the position, do you have any connections or background in common?

  3. What have the Contacts and the Account been posting about – It’s always valuable to see what the individuals and organization have been posting on their digital properties, like the company website, and on LinkedIn. How is it relevant to what you are discussing?

  4. News about the company – What is the latest news on the company? Have they done any acquisitions lately? Are they growing?

Watch this video to see an example of how to build meeting preparation and account management into your weekly routine:

2. Meeting follow up - An effective way to get into the right habit here is to block 5-10 minutes on your calendar right after your meeting and go through the top actions you should take. From a digital selling perspective, that could be:

  1. Connect with new Contacts from the meeting on LinkedIn, making sure to write them a personal message.

  2. Post content on a Smart Link and share a link to it as a part of your follow up.

  3. Reach out to connect with other key decisionmakers identified in the meeting – look to see if anyone in your network can introduce you, or use the TeamLink capability.

Watch this video to see an example of how to build digital selling into your routine:

3. Prospecting in your Accounts - An effective way to get into the right habit for prospecting is to block 15 or more minutes a week on your calendar to evaluate your leads and contacts. From a digital selling perspective, that could be:

  1. Post something educational on LinkedIn for your connections, leveraging content from your organization or based on an interesting topic about what is going on in your industry.

  2. View all your CRM Leads and Contacts to see if anyone has changed jobs, posted on LinkedIn (if so, have you authentically interacted with the post?), or was mentioned in the news.

c. Create Account and Lead Lists - Get updated names right to your Inbox based on your criteria

Customer Experience

Many of our manufacturing customers have had success incorporating digital selling into their process. Dynisco is seeing great results with digital selling by going deeper with their customer relationships and sharing relevant content their customers are interested in, leveraging LinkedIn Sales Navigator seamlessly integrated with Advantage Sales™, where Dynisco’s team manages their opportunities and customers.

If you are looking to help your manufacturing sales team be more effective at digital selling, reach out to me directly on LinkedIn at

For more on these, and other sales modernization topics, you can see a full set of short demos here:

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