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  • David Kohar

5 Ways Manufacturers are Connecting their Communities

During our Manufacturing Strong: Connecting Our Community series, I’ve had the pleasure to speak with leaders in the industry from around the world. And while they all come from different places, with different businesses, one common theme remains true: they are doing amazing work during trying times and using their ingenuity and talents to help our community.

You’ll hear from Mikkel Børlum Petersen about the masks that GRUNDFOS has created and donated to health care workers, James Phillips of Microsoft on the rapid creation and global rollout of a free crisis communication app, Gary Nelson of SAP on finding vital supplies for customers, Wendy Malone from SPX FLOW, Inc. on helping a company quickly manufacture hand sanitizer, and the ingenuity of Andrew Creathorn’s team from ALOI Materials Handling & Automation in creating a solution for health care professionals.

Whether it’s creating software, manufacturing medical equipment, or finding new ways to meet customer needs, they’ve gone above and beyond. I’m happy to share a few highlights of their amazing work, and invite you see more from our series by clicking here.

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