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  • Tom McKee

5 Key Takeaways from the Intelligent Enterprise Event Series

As Rick Warren said, "Irrelevance happens when the speed of change outside an organization is greater than speed of change inside an organization".

Truer words have never been spoken. I was reminded of this quote throughout our Intelligent Enterprise event series, as I was joined by industry leaders to discuss how manufacturers and service providers are leveraging technology & data to become more intelligent organizations. These are companies getting ahead of digital trends and future-proofing their enterprises to become better at what they do, the way they do business, and how they serve their customers. You can register to stream all four events to hear our customers experiences and perspectives here:

There were many great insights, stories, and lessons throughout the series from some of the best minds in the business, and I wanted to share some of my favorite moments and key takeaways.

Business as Usual Will Put Companies Out of Business

In our fourth installment, I was lucky to be joined by eLogic’s Managing Partner and CTO, Lawrence Matusek, who has over 30 years of progressive manufacturing industry and SAP technology experience. He is also among the top enterprise architects for SAP configuration. Lawrence and I discussed several ways Intelligent Enterprises leverage data to provide actionable insights across digital sales channels, supply chains, and more. The question I was most interested in asking him was where he sees the industry going, and his perspective was great. Industries will continue to be disrupted, and there will be challenges even for those leaders who are prepared for it. Watch here:

The Demographic Shift - Seasoned Veterans and Digital Natives

It is not just the ways of doing business that are changing. There is a very real shift in the workforce, the way newer employees see the world and the way they learn and work. As late career members leave the workforce, companies need a better way of capturing and passing on their knowledge. Lawrence discussed ways to avoid the “brain drain”:

No "Rearview Analytics"

There is a reason the term “rearview analytics” exists – they are always looking back. Some backward-looking data is necessary, but it will not help manage problems happening now, nor does it provide actionable insights to prevent new issues from occurring. In this next clip, Frank Constantine, Plant Manager for the Kennametal factory in Orwell, Ohio talks about life before the company’s Smart Factory program and some of the shortfalls in insights they endured.

Platforms are Fabric and Data as Currency

The Intelligent Enterprise touches every element of an enterprise, drawing insights that can be used both internally and externally with customers and partners. Mike Shields, eLogic’s co-founder and industry thought leader, talks about how modern platforms unite these elements of your business and how companies can use data to drive new streams of revenue.

It Takes More Than a Singular Focus to Become an Intelligent Enterprise

The Intelligent Enterprise is not a single event or investment. Maturing and optimizing an Intelligent Enterprise is a holistic journey that requires the left-side supply components of the infinity loop and the right-side demand components to be supporting one another. This integration really is the key to unlocking the full potential of the Intelligent Enterprise. Lawrence Matusek explains one example where flexible and optimized backend processes, like supply chain and sourcing, are critical factors to optimizing customer engagement with solutions like CPQ.

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