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3 Approaches for Driving Adoption with Quoting

In every sales initiative that we work on, the customer or prospect always asks us about adoption. To address this effectively, we have a number of steps in our methodology. We run Business Outcome Workshops with the executives at the beginning of each engagement, work closely with the business and technology teams in the solution implementation leveraging our Advantage Sales™ for Manufacturing Solution, and give ongoing training and support.

One of the fastest ways to get sales adoption is to drive your entire quoting process through the solution. From there, you can build on the other key areas of the sales process, including better qualification to ensure your teams work with the right stakeholders, know the competition, and have a successful close plan that will win.

In order to tackle quoting effectively, there are few considerations to factor in, including product and pricing, quote configuration, discounting and approvals, quote revisioning and document creation, and getting final signatures.

The key step to this is delivering a great In App experience for your sales team. Whether you are quoting more standard products or doing engineer to order configuration, getting the quoting part right for your sales team can be the nucleus for your success with your sale solution. And as you grow your adoption, the benefits are many, including a more accurate forecast, more insight into your win/loss ratios, and the ability to best manage your margins.

Here are 3 good examples of how quoting can be done in Dynamics 365 Sales with our Advantage Sales™ solution:

1) Natively in the solution as a key step in the sales process:

2) Leveraging SAP CPQ and Dynamics 365 | Advantage Sales™ to create the quote lines:

If you are running SAP for your ERP, check out Lawrence Matusek’s blog post on SAP CPQ: Native ERP Integration, Part 1

3) Incorporating the Signature Process with Adobe Sign right into the Sales Process:

Customer Experience

Here are a few good examples of our customers who are driving real results by managing their quoting inside Dynamics 365 . Take Thomas Concrete, for example – they drove 2X user adoption with their sales solution investment. They have their sales team in the sales solution, whether at the office or on the road, and it has paid off for them. Dynisco is also having great results, including a 40% improvement in their forecast accuracy as they have driven a better process for the sales team.

What they have in common is that they are delivering a great In App experience for their sales team to execute their quoting process and eLogic continues to make solid investments to make this process smoother and easier to create them directly in your sales solution.

For more on these, and other sales modernization topics, you can see a full set of short demos here:

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