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  • David Kohar

3 Ways Industrial Equipment Manufacturing Sales Teams Can Improve Forecasting with Microsoft

The latest wave of advancements in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales will help Industrial Equipment Manufacturers improve collaboration during complex sales cycles and give timely, accurate bottom-up forecasts.

Industrial Equipment Manufacturers (IEMs) that have large capital equipment sales with longer sales cycles and a team of sales reps, pre-sales engineers, and product specialists working on each deal, the advancements in Dynamics 365 Sales forecasting coming out in this release will assist sales teams and managers to drive a more structured and accurate bottom up forecast.

Here are 3 key areas of improvement coming to the Business Applications Platform that can positively impact an IEM’s sales organization running or considering using Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales.

Dynamics 365 Sales Forecasting

IEM Sales teams will be able to examine the forecast, whether they want to look at it by individual, sales team or by territory – and sales managers will be empowered to adjust the forecast to ensure further overall accuracy before delivering it to the executive team.

Organizations will have the flexibility to add quotas and surface sales gaps to users and apply security permissions that ensure each user sees what is necessary to run a successful forecasting process.

Dynamics 365 Sales Insights for Snapshotting

IEM sales leaders need to understand what has impacted the sales forecast from one week to the next. One of their most frequent questions to sales teams is: “What changed from our sales call last week?” It has always been easy to see wins and losses but what about a deal that was pushed out or the estimated revenue changed, or the probability reduced? The deal flow visualization will let sales leaders see what has changed to the forecast.

Pipeline Management -- Kanban Experience

IEM sales teams will now have an easier and more intuitive way to update and adjust their forecast with the Kanban experience when updating opportunities in the pipeline. It provides a visual way to easily drag and drop deals through the sales cycle while allowing them to see in real time the impact that it has to their forecast.

In addition to these updates to Dynamics 365 Sales, there are dozens of additional enhancements coming that you can see in the 2020 release wave 1 plan online or download the PDF document.

If you have questions about these next release updates or want to know more about how Dynamics 365 Sales will impact your sales organization, please reach out to us.

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