The Intelligent Enterprise
Event Series

The Intelligent Enterprise

In these live 30-minute virtual events, industry leaders share insights, experiences, and trends driving manufacturers to become Intelligent Enterprises. ​

By leveraging enterprise-wide data & targeting specific industry use cases, manufacturers can reduce lead times, improve on-time  inventory investment, increase pipeline accuracy, improve customer performance, and more.  ​



5 Ways to Be a Game-Changer with CPQ

Join eLogic’s Lawrence Matusek and Tom McKee to see how SAP CPQ saves time at every step of the manufacturing process. CPQ solutions enhance configurable selling, reduce time to market, enable quicker customer responses & customer friendly quotes, and free up internal resources to better serve more customer needs.


In this 30-minute event, learn how to effectively use SAP CPQ to:


  • Launch products to market faster

  • Reduce quote times from weeks to hours

  • Present the highest quality proposals in a fraction of the time

  • Reduce the risk of leaving potential business on the table


2:09 CPQ Game Changer 1 New Product Introduction

6:51 CPQ Game Changer 2 User Experience for Partners & Distributors

10:39 CPQ Game Changer 3 Proposal Generation

17:38 CPQ Game Changer 4 Approval Workflows

22:19 CPQ Game Changer 5 Lost Opportunity Elimination

Build an Intelligent Enterprise with the Microsoft Cloud for Manufacturing​

In this event eLogic’s Tom McKee & David Kohar are joined by special guest: Ashley Haynes-Gaspar, COO of US Business Applications & Industry Clouds at Microsoft as they take you inside the recently announced Microsoft Cloud for Manufacturing and how it enables you to build an Intelligent Enterprise and drive the future of manufacturing. See why industry clouds matter in achieving targeted business outcomes quickly with cost-efficient, industry-specific solutions. 

In this episode they’ll cover key industry topics including:​

  • The Intelligent Enterprise for the Future of Manufacturing​

  • Microsoft’s Industry Cloud Strategy & Impact​

  • Core Industry Scenarios for Manufacturers: Agile Factory, Digital Selling, Field Service, and Resilient Supply Chains.


00:00 Season One Recap

3:30 Manufacturing and Tech Trends

5:40 Interview with Ashley Haynes-Gaspar

15:45 The Manufacturing Cloud 


The Intelligent Enterprise
Event Series

Season One Now Available On-Demand!

The Intelligent Enterprise 

In these virtual events, industry executives share real uses cases through which manufacturers are becoming Intelligent Enterprises.  

Available On-Demand Below: 

  • Intelligent Selling

  • Data-Driven Field Service

  • Agile Factory & Resilient Supply Chain 

  • The Integrated Intelligent Enterprise



Intelligent, Digital Selling

Identifying the right customers, building meaningful relationships, offering them the right product at the right time, improving pipeline accuracy, and a unified sales approach is at heart of intelligent, digital selling. 

This live event features David Kohar and special guests Jeremy Clouse, Regional Vice President for Tarkett, and James Hill, Vice President Global Sales and Aftermarket for Alpha Technologies, as they take you inside game changing analytics and industry-leading use cases.

Analytics to Improve Pipeline Sufficiency, Seller Productivity, Account Management, Competitive Intelligence, and Pricing 


0:00 -- Industry Trends with David Kohar & Tom McKee  

9:44 -- Digital Selling Demonstration  

16:06 – Customer Interview with Alpha Technologies VP, James Hill & Tarkett Hospitality VP, Jeremy Clouse 

Data-Driven Field Service

Learn how to create a data fabric that enables

immediate insights on cost reduction & customer performance, creates an ecosystem for the future that integrates device & telemetry data, all while helping you achieve table stakes capabilities like work order management & workforce management. 

eLogic’s Industry veteran Mike Shields joins special guest Jeremy Laskos, General Manager for Remprex, to share ways service providers can respond to field service challenges with a comprehensive, data-driven, and forward-looking approach, ultimately yielding better performance and customer experiences.

They Will Cover: 

Asset-centric Analytics to Achieve Regulatory Compliance, Enable Serialization, and Meet Industry Standards


0:00 – Industry Trends with Mike Shields & Tom McKee  

10:40 -- Data-Driven Field Service Demonstration  

15:54 – Customer Interview with Jeremy Laskos of Remprex 

Agile Factories & Resilient Supply Chains 

Agile Factories and Resilient Supply Chains transform data into actionable insights manufacturers use to reduce cycle times, improve capacity utilization, optimize inventory investments, and adapt to demand mix + changes.

Join eLogic’s Industry Principal Tom McKee, a former Manufacturing Executive in IT, Operations, and Supply Chain Management, and special guest Frank Constantine, Plant Manager for Kennametal They will address ways manufacturers can achieve targeted business outcomes quickly in their factories and supply chains by leveraging data to create impactful actionable insights across: Demand Planning, Shop Floor Execution, Inventory Management and Supply Planning


0:00 -- Industry Trends with Tom McKee & David Kohar  

9:58 -- Agile Factory Analytics Demonstration  

14:13 -- Customer Interview with Kennametal Plant Manager, Frank Constantine

The Intelligent Enterprise

What Makes an Enterprise Intelligent? 


In this event, eLogic's Tom McKee and Lawrence Matusek discuss how Intelligent Enterprises leverage their data to provide actionable insights that empower their teams to make proactive, real-time decisions.  This ability enables them to optimize performance, improve efficiencies, reduce costs, and deliver better value to their customers.

The true power of the Intelligent Enterprise is realized when companies harness the end–to-end business process integrations that span every element of their enterprise.

This is where the transformative impact of the Intelligent Enterprise can enhance a company’s ability to overcome challenges and realize business outcomes.   


0:00 The Intelligent Enterprise with Tom McKee & David Kohar 

15:17 Interview with eLogic’s SAP & CPQ Expert, Lawrence Matusek 

Meet Our Moderators and Speakers

Tom McKee 
eLogic Industry Principal

Tom McKee brings decades of experience as an influential, collaborative, and innovative C-Suite Leader driving business transformation and leads the development and execution of key consulting services and products for modernization and digital transformation for eLogic’s manufacturing customers.


Mike Shields 
eLogic Founder, Industry SME 

As a former executive in Fortune 500 industry companies, Mike will shed light on today's industry challenges and how to the new wave of field service technology can shape the future for manufacturers.


James Hill 
Vice President Global Sales and Aftermarket, Alpha Technologies  

James brings over 20 years of sales, marketing, and executive leadership experience to the conversion, with a focus on how Alpha has modernized and grown their aftermarket sales and strategies.  


David Kohar 
eLogic Partner 

With more than two decades of consulting experience in the CRM industry, David will share his perspective on how to enable interactive sales, marketing, and service solutions.


Ashley Haynes-Gaspar

COO of US Business Applications & Industry Clouds at Microsoft


Ashley is COO for Microsoft’s US Business Applications & Dynamics 365 portfolio, as well as Microsoft Industry Clouds in the US across Manufacturing, Retail, Healthcare, Government, Financial Services, and Supply Chain solutions.  Prior to Microsoft, Ashley held numerous executive positions with GE, most recently as VP & GM of Global Support for GE Digital.



Jeremy Clouse 
Regional Vice President,

Tarkett Hospitality 

For over 15 years, Jeremy has been a sales leader and executive in industry. Jeremy will share Tarkett’s sales modernization process, and how digital selling has elevated the company’s sales and customer experience.  


Lawrence Matusek 

eLogic Managing Partner & CTO


Lawrence has over 30 years of progressive manufacturing industry and SAP technology experience and is among the top enterprise architects for SAP configuration and related solution enablement. Leading eLogic’s SAP and CPQ Practices, he has been at the forefront of many of the industry’s most advanced solutions for engineered and configured-to-order products.  



Frank Constantine 
Plant Manager, Kennametal 

Frank has spent his entire career in manufacturing. Frank manages the Orwell, Ohio Kennametal facility, working as the manufacturing lead for the corporate modernization project. Frank will share the evolution of Kennametal’s new wave of operational excellence and best practices. 


Jeremy Laskos 
General Manager, Remprex  

Jeremy Laskos has dedicated his career to transportation maintenance and intermodal logistics, utilizing technology-enabled operations to optimize processes from end to end.