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Do You Have the Best Tools to Ensure a Safe + Healthy Work Environment?

Modernize Environment Health + Safety with a Holistic View Across Your Internal, External, and Third-party Workforces.

Put safety and a healthy, environmentally conscious workplace up front with the next generation of data and tools to manage every aspect.  It is more than recording inspections and accidents – it is about bringing data to life proactively and delivering it where it’s needed – from field techs and workers to your management teams and the regulatory agencies where needed.  All in an intelligent, connected cloud-based world.

Take the next step with a needs & value analysis – we’ll perform a comprehensive assessment across your environments, challenges, systems, and value of change. 

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Value Analysis

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Safety First
  • Empower every employee to avoid accidents and incidents with efficient, intelligent tools at their fingertips.

  • Deliver data-driven insights to recognize, highlight, and take proactive actions that prevent accidents and incidents.

  • Leverage smart, mobile offline tools that increase worker efficiency without compromising on quality and safety.

  • Bring expert guidance and best knowledge to the entire workforce and capture results for efficient oversight.

  • Ensure accurate and timely compliance – all through actionable data insights and reports.


Reduce Accidents/Incidents: Enable workers to know and follow safety and health best practices without creating extra work.

Increase Efficiencies: Reduce lost time and near misses that undermine operator and tech abilities to complete work assignments

Minimize Risks: Recognize and take early proactive measures that avoid costly mistakes and dangerous working conditions.

Ensure Compliance: Avoid the unnecessary costs and regulatory restrictions that come from missed reports or inaccurate data.

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