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Field Technicians

The Toolbox Every Tech Needs

In Their Own Words

"As a technician in the field, my job is to plan, schedule, and perform service work that provides superior customer service efficiently and effectively. I’m the face that our customers usually know best, and I do my best to have a good rapport with them. They trust my service knowledge and experience, as well as the service work I suggest they need, because they know and trust me, and it’s important to keep that relationship strong.” 

Daily Challenges Include

  • Work Order Notifications 

  • Mobility + Offline Sync 

  • Advanced Insights 

  • Automated Digital Reports 

  • Comprehensive Asset/Equipment View

How I'm Measured


Tech Productivity Rank

ApprovalIconMobile - Copy.png

Customer Satisfaction Survey Results


Mean Time to Repair

What I Need To Succeed
  • Complete mobile access even when offline, with the capability to automatically synch records of my work when I’m back online. 

  • Real-time visibility into my schedule and any changes so I can plan accordingly. 

  • Pre-built work order templates help me be efficient with common work, like Inspection Reports. 

  • A task list for work orders with required parts and tools.


  • Total view into asset & service history to help me assess and advise customers on service and upgrades.


  • Ability to quickly and easily report work order completion to customers, get sign-off, and send customer satisfaction surveys. 

Mobile Capabilities

As the front line of a service organization, field techs need accurate details about the job tasks, customer expectations, and equipment involved, not only to complete the work correctly the first visit, but also be prepared for surprises or last-minute changes to the schedule. Real-time updates from traveling through final signature are sent every step of the way to both dispatch and to customers. 

Offline Mobile Capable

Continue to work uninterrupted while offline. Technician utilization is maintained when technicians are able to view jobs, make changes, and complete their work all the way to signature while offline, then sync up later.
Asset Visibility

Knowing the asset’s lifecycle gives technicians full visibility into each component’s installation and service history, so they’re more prepared to service the equipment correctly the first visit, which reduces cost. With data such as asset health and age, techs are now armed to make replacement or upgrade recommendations while on site.

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