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Equipping Customers with Powerful Sales Tools


A Portal to New Levels of Service 


Making satisfied customers is the best business strategy to create loyal customers.

This is the mindset of a nationally leading equipment dealer to differentiate themselves through a modern sales portal for renting and purchasing equipment that would give their customers a best-in-class experience while collecting and managing valuable data.

This eLogic customer is a leading heavy equipment dealer in the midwest, with over $1B in annual revenue and more than 3,000 employees, with a focus on agriculture, construction, forestry, mining, and more.

Even though they were a clear leader among equipment dealers, their digital sales tools were lagging. Their decade old portal was overly simplistic in features, with only basic details on rentals or owned equipment available to customers. It was transactional and didn’t track customer data, was cumbersome to navigate, and was not user-friendly. The mobile application design was also cumbersome, and while it did allow for limited transactions, did not share information with the web application.   

As their customers move toward renting over buying and leasing, they needed to accommodate those preferences with enhanced portal capabilities to enable customer self-service and a seamless customer experience between web and mobile.

The Solution

This equipment dealer wanted to give their customers one set of tools to make it easier for them to find, rent, or purchase equipment and have a connected account experience no matter where they shop – with the goal of utilizing this improved sales experience to drive loyalty and revenue through repeat business.

Their portal solution enables customers to request a new equipment rental, turn off or on existing rentals, see available equipment, access invoices, and pay their bills. Their customers are empowered to rent or buy equipment as they want, when they want through a portal built on the industry-leading Microsoft platform, with tailor made features equipment dealers need most to improve both functionality and user experience. They can manage their rentals by notifying this dealer if they’re done renting the equipment early or extend their rental. And because they’re connected through the Microsoft platform, rental agreements, service requests, and other customer communication are automatically channeled to the appropriate dealer employees via Outlook.


  • Azure Active Directory

  • Azure SQL Database

  • Azure CDN

  • Azure Front Door

  • Fully Custom Web Application

Key Stakeholders


A completely overhauled sales experience meets their expectation for modern ecommerce, with full access to the equipment catalogue, all details related to equipment owned and rented, a robust mobile app, service at their fingertips, and more.

Sales and Service Teams

Have improved customer communication, sales, and service experiences through a completely connected mobile and web portal.

The Final Results

Customers now have a single core experience, completely redesigned for mobile and web that share the same product and customer information. Both are connected to the same API, unlike the old system, so a single database shares all the data. When a customer makes a purchase on the web, it will appear in their mobile app, and vice versa.

They have tools to create equipment pages, update their online catalog, bill customers, administer promotions, and set up accounts. When loading product pages, the dealer’s employees can input technical details, videos, product descriptions, images, set pricing, and much more, which populate both the mobile and web.

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