Customer and Technical Support

Empowered to Better Service Customers

In Their Own Words

“As a customer service rep, my job is to do whatever it takes to anticipate and meet the needs of our customers. I’m the first one to be there when a problem arises, and I make sure it’s resolved within a customer’s Service Level Agreement and contract entitlements.” 

Daily Challenges Include

  • Daily Challenges Include:  

  • Warranty Lookup 

  • Customer Equipment Monitoring 

  • Field Tech Support Scheduling 

  • Parts Cross Reference 

How I'm Measured

Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Response and Resolution Time

Incident Trends

What I Need To Succeed
  • Access to customer service history, past issues, open cases, and pending needs.  

  • Access to Knowledge Base Articles with reference materials for similar cases and solutions I’m handling to reduce resolution time. 

  • Integrated tools to collaborate and communicate with other teams so we can respond quickly and accurately. 

  • Insights into work order requirements so I can make sure the right personnel with necessary knowledge and certifications are dispatched.


  • A view of the service schedule board, so I can tell customers when a tech will arrive and update them on the status of their request. 

Asset Digital Twin

Having visibility into each asset’s serialized components with comprehensive installation and service history gives service reps unprecedented opportunities to increase customer service ratings and reduce response time and costs by troubleshooting equipment remotely via IoT commands, or virtually with customers without dispatching a costly technician. Efficiencies are gained by understanding the support case details, referring to knowledge articles, real-time service schedules, and insights that show current, or predict future maintenance issues.

Opportunity Creation

Techs are often the customer-facing representatives of your business and have a great deal of credibility with customers and knowledge about their equipment. While on site, they can make recommendations to replace or upgrade aging parts which not only increases your revenue, but deepens the relationship with your customers, increasing satisfaction and retention.

Workforce Management

Nothing changes faster than customer expectations. Your reps will stay ahead with real-time technician availability to offer service times with qualified techs and resources to customers when troubleshooting is not enough, both reducing response time and increasing first time fix rates. Technician status updates, completion time estimates, and customer portals are all at your customer’s disposal with equipment360™.

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