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Modern Sales, Service, Portals, & Analytics for Equipment Dealers 

eLogic offers Equipment Dealers industry-specific solutions to improve sales quoting, enhance customer service, increase seller performance, enable customer self-service and rentals through customer portals, and seamlessly connect equipment and techs through modern field service management.  

Built on the industry-leading Microsoft platform, our solutions are tailor made for equipment dealers. We optimize them with the features, functionality, and best practices that enhance your operations at every level, making it easier for your teams to collaborate, have meaningful customer conversations, manage equipment rentals, optimize service, and monitor it all with real-time analytics that provide insights to inform business decisions.  Take a look at how our solutions helps your sales and service departments within your Equipment Dealership, and how modernization can drive real business results.  

Digital Selling

Sales Reps get a streamlined way to quote their customers with a tailored experience for each kind of sales process whether it be Machine Sales, Rentals, Power Systems, Service or Parts.  Sales Leaders get the supportive analytics that help them best direct their sales organization.


Sales teams will get lead and opportunity scoring that shows customers who are most likely to buy, pipeline insights, outbound calling, call transcripts and customer sentiment. With sales scoring, there is no guesswork. They know who to contact, what products and services customers are likely to purchase and the recommended next step. They can also track the sales process and communicate internally and externally within the solution. Each step is laid out in a clear process made for Equipment Dealers, all leading to better customer communication, service, and conversion.  


Field Service Management

Built on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service and Power BI, our field service solution delivers best in class Work Order, Workforce, and Asset Management capabilities to drive Communication, Mobility, Safety, Compliance, and Quality in your Service business. 


The mobile application is loaded with features for technicians that delivers real-time visibility into scheduled work, schedule changes, and work order information, and ability to capture work order status as it is performed. Those performance metrics can be used by leadership to drive improvements to operations, sales, and service to drive efficiency and performance across workforce, work orders, assets, entitlements, and inventory. Field Service managers get dashboards that empower them to adapt to urgent needs, easily rerouting techs to high-priority orders. They can also see the status of jobs, customer survey feedback, work order history, and much more. 

Actionable Intelligence

Equipment Dealers are in a unique position with the sheer amount of data they are both receiving from external sources and generating from the equipment.  The key to translating that data into business value is converting it into insights that will help you better service your customers.  


With Sales Data, you can have visibility into Pipeline, Seller, Account, and Competitor Analytics that deliver insights on forecast by quarter broken down by product type, monthly performance realization, seller forecasts by top accounts, win rate trends, and total sold YTD vs. Goal.  


With Service Data, Service Managers see Asset Status across Active, Down, and At-Risk Equipment, Last Maintenance information, Safety stats regarding potential hazards and risks, and People insights about Utilization, On Time Performance, First Time Fix, Travel, Certifications, and more.  


We help you leverage your data to generate insights that illuminate areas of opportunity as well as gaps that need addressing.  



As customers’ equipment use behavior moves toward renting away from buying and leasing, you as a dealer need to accommodate those preferences with enhanced portal capabilities to enable customer self-service and an excellent customer experience. 


Our portal solutions for equipment dealers include industry features that enable customers to request a new equipment rental, turn off or on existing rentals, see available equipment, see invoices, and pay their bills.  Let your customers rent your equipment as they want, when they want, to ensure you’re meeting and exceeding customer expectations for consuming your equipment. 

Featured Customer

Milton CAT is a leading dealer for Caterpillar machines, engines, generators, technology, parts, and service in the Northeast, with 22 locations in six states.  Milton CAT products and technology can be found in logging camps and nuclear facilities; dairy farms, US Army Defense installations, hospitals, lobster boats and underground salt mines; solid waste landfills, data centers, paving projects and ferries; commuter rail trains, quarries, school buses and of course, job sites of all sizes. 

Milton CAT and eLogic partnered together to improve Milton CAT’s Sales, Service, Analytics, and Operations to better serve their variety of customers through data-driven demand creation, smart & connected service, and improved collaboration – all aimed at providing exceptional customer service.  Today, Milton CAT Sales and Service teams have access to all information they need to sell to and service their customers, leveraging Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales, Power Automate, and Power BI.  We appreciate the opportunity to partner with Milton CAT on their strategic vision and modernization journey to become an engaged, integrated, proactive organization that continually assesses and develops new opportunities, and is adept at taking advantage of market disruptions. 

Dealer Solutions 
Customer Follow-Up

In this video, you’ll see how your dealer sales team can optimally capture and manage customer follow-up communications. Sales reps and make calls within the solution, take notes, keep digital recordings, take action on customer needs, and more.


See how executives and sales leaders can leverage analytics to improve sales and service. Specific dealer analytics can be viewed by pipeline, sales reps, account management, competitor insights, what-if analysis, and more.

Dynamics 365 + Teams

See how Microsoft Dynamics 365 is integrated within Microsoft Teams, giving your dealer sales teams the ability to share documents, improve communication and collaboration with the rest of the organization.

Machine Sales Quoting

See how you can configure equipment, set prices, and create beautiful, compelling quotes and share them with customers right within our Dealer Solution.

Mobile Sales

See how sales reps can be more effective on the road while meeting with customer utilizing the mobile version of our Dealer Solution. In this demonstration, you’ll see how a sales rep can use their smartphone to move a sale through the cycle while on sight and have a view into available equipment that can be reserved for a customer.

Outlook + Dynamics 365 Productivity

See how Microsoft Outlook integrates with Dynamics 365 to allow for a smooth sales flow, from receiving a sales quote and creating a sales record, to customer communication and meeting scheduling

Parts Quoting + Collaboration

In this demonstration, you’ll see how to create parts quotes within Dynamics 365 and how a sales rep can share the quote with peers to ensure accuracy before sending to the customer with templates that ensure dealer branding and accuracy

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