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A Complete Digital Sales Modernization: From Pipeline Creation to Closing Deals


“Personally, Advantage allows me to be a better coach for my team. It allows me to have much more productive conversations in my one-on-ones with my team members, helping them manage their pipelines better and focus in on what needs to be done to close the sale.”


Bill Desrosiers

Vice President of Business Development


The Advantage of Digital Sales Modernization 

For Dynisco – a multi-national manufacturer serving the polymer industry – their sales team had limited sales tools, mostly using spreadsheets to track sales statuses and pipeline. Sales reps and leadership spread across America, Europe, and Asia PAC lacked insights into their processes, had a limited view into their pipeline, and had no method of tracking sales analytics.


Sales cycles were inconsistent, and the sales team was not aligned to a common sales methodology. This limited insight afforded them little opportunity to be proactive in customer communications, sales coaching, pipeline accuracy, and relationship follow-through.

Dynisco leadership knew they had to better support their sales team with a transformational sales platform.

The Advantage of Modernization

Dynisco partnered with eLogic to modernize their sales operations with Advantage Sales™, a digital selling solution for manufacturers built on the Microsoft platform.

Advantage Sales™ gave Dynisco pipeline visibility they lacked, allowing Sales Leaders to coach their sales team better. Bill Desrosiers, Dynisco’s Vice President of Business Development, said the time savings Advantage Sales™ has afforded him 30% more time proactively coaching his team. 

“Personally, it allows me to be a better coach for my team,” Desrosiers said. “It allows me to have much more productive conversations in my one-on-ones with my team members, helping them manage their pipelines better and focus in on what needs to be done to close the sale.”

Additionally, the channel sales team is now leveraging customer and prospect mapping to engage more proactively with their partners and increase productivity with better pre-call planning and trip optimization.


  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales

  • Advantage Sales™

  • LinkedIn Sales Navigator

  • Advantage Sales™ Analytics in Power BI

  • Real Time Pricing

  • Availability from ERP

“Working with eLogic was fantastic. We were able to create a customized solution for Dynisco using the eLogic Advantage Sales™ solution. By making our sales process seamless with Microsoft Dynamics 365, we were already able to use the language we use in our training, and all the milestones and data collected along the way, so everyone was already able to use it and be familiar with it.”

- Bill Desrosiers | Vice President of Business Development 

Increase in Pipeline Accuracy



Improvement in Sales Coaching Productivity


Integration through Microsoft Platform

A Pipeline To Success

Dynisco is seeing a 40% improvement in accuracy of their pipeline with a wholistic view of each stage that is supported by Advantage Sales™.

“It’s helping me understand my pipeline a whole lot better,” Desrosiers said. “I’m seeing the whole process and quoting through the system, and I’m seeing everything, as opposed to snippets throughout the month.”


Advantage Sales™ shows sales reps the pipeline, along with each step of the sales process, including customer communication, sales & quote history, competitor insights, nearby customers, and account insights. The team is also specifically going deeper with their account and contact relationships and the relevant content that they are interested in by leveraging the seamless integration of Advantage Sales™ and LinkedIn Sales Navigator. The entire sales process is now formalized, organized, and aligned to their best practices.

“With the team, it’s allowed them to focus better on what customers need across all the geographies,” Desrosiers said.  “We use this solution to have better conversations with our customers and keep track of our sales efforts in a multi-national world.”

Key Stakeholders

Sales Leaders

Advantage Sales™ gives sales leaders visibility into their pipeline, giving them insights they can use to coach and empower their sales team.

Sales Representatives

Sales reps get a formalized process aligned to best practices, with pipeline insights and deeper customer relationships through LinkedIn Sales Navigator.

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