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Customer Service

Unlock a connected and consistent experience for your customer wherever and however they connect to you with insightful, data-driven service that drives loyalty and revenue 


Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service for Manufacturers

A recent McKinsey survey showed over 60% of B2B customers prefer digital sales and service, but only 13% of industrial manufacturers offer those options.  


In a world where customers expect your sales and service to mirror their everyday experiences, differentiating through customer service could mean the difference when it comes to loyalty and improved revenue.  


Successful manufacturers understand the importance of aligning their products and services to fast-changing market needs and increasingly complex customer requirements. Manufacturers must get better at anticipating the needs of their customers across multiple channels while leveraging data to provide a higher level of service.


B2B Customers prefer digital sales and service


Only 13% of industrial manufacturers offer these options.

Dynamics 365 Customer Service empowers your organization to be more agile and flexible while delivering products and services in a high quality and cost-effective manner.
Business Outcomes

Better service leads to better business results – for both your customers and business.

Agent Productivity

Improve case resolution using AI-driven productivity tools and historical data that equip agents with the right information at the right time. Leverage a comprehensive knowledge base for fast, accurate, and efficient customer responses.

Improved Customer Loyalty

Empower service reps to instantly connect and engage customers with a complete view of the customer, their equipment, service history, warranties, purchase patterns, and total customer profile.​

Earn Customers For Life

Provide seamless, end-to-end experiences within a single solution built on the Microsoft Cloud to deliver consistent, connected support across all channels including your dealers, end-customers, field and sales reps, equipment, etc.​

Revenue Opportunities

With full access to customer information, service reps can up-sell and cross-sell when given AI generated sales suggestions, such as service contract renewals, replacement of outdated parts and equipment, and more.​

Improved Collaboration

Service reps can quickly resolve complex cases using intelligent collaboration and communication with platform tools like Microsoft Teams embedded into the Dynamics 365 Customer Service experience.​

Customer Service Use Cases

Diagnosing Issues

Service reps receive cases automatically created by from a monitored device or manually from customer contacts. They can then check the suggested Knowledge Base articles in Dynamics Customer Service for instructions to address the issue. Based on what they learned, the service rep can send a command to the device as a temporary fix, dispatch a technician for a closer look, or create field service work order.



Service Reps have access to a customer’s full service and sales history. During a call, reps will notice when a customer’s equipment is aging, and recommend a sales rep reach out to them for replacement. They can also suggest renewing service agreements since those details will also be present.


Customer Service as a Hub

Omni-channel customer service through Dynamics 365 provides one touchpoint to give a singular customer experience on every channel within an integrated system. Customer Service reps gain a complete viewpoint of every customer interaction, empowering them to answer questions thoroughly and provide a greater level of service when taking requests.


Service Optimization

A great deal of calls do not require field service or tech support. Customer service reps can use knowledge-based articles to answer questions, find quick solutions to basic issues, and even access connected equipment to look for issues. 

Case Studies

“I have a high degree of confidence in eLogic as

a true business partner. They met all of my expectations and delivered on time and under budget.”   


Program Manager, Rich Products

The Intelligent Enterprise

Disruptions, unknowns, volatility, delays. These are all challenges that manufacturers are facing – but they’re not insurmountable.


What Makes an Enterprise Intelligent? 

Successful Intelligent Enterprises tend to leverage their data to provide actionable insights that empower their teams to make proactive, real-time decisions.  This ability enables them to optimize performance, improve efficiencies, reduce costs, and deliver better value to their customers.

The true power of the Intelligent Enterprise is realized when companies harness the end–to-end business process integrations that span every element of their enterprise.

This is where the transformative impact of the Intelligent Enterprise can enhance a company’s ability to overcome challenges and realize business outcomes. Dynamics 365 Customer Service harnesses the data across the platform to provide great service while providing insights and opportunities throughout your organization.   

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