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ConvaTec Provides Better Customer Care Around the World With Sales and Customer Service


“The most impactful changes that have been highlighted by my team are the improved page load and search functionality times. This means that our Product Specialists and Nurses are able to focus more on providing the best consumer experience – enabling us to touch more consumers due to increased efficiencies.” 

Kateryna Asilova

Associate Director

Consumer Excellence

Whether it’s health care or customer care, ConvaTec ensures they are both at the forefront. ConvaTec, an international medical products and technologies company, already had world-class products. What they needed was a way to streamline customer care operations, digitize their front-end customer sales, and gain GDPR compliance – all aimed at improving operations and the customer experience. ConvaTec chose Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales for global sales & service enablement for their Wound, Ostomy, and Continence & Critical Care businesses that spanned 17 countries so sales reps could more effectively manage their interactions with medical professionals. For customer care, they chose Dynamics 365 Customer Service, integrating it to their online direct-to-consumer websites to capture customer needs and orders, which are fulfilled through an integration to their ERP system.  

Getting Closer to the Customer 


To get there, Convatec had to address some challenges with their technology. They had multiple third-party CRM solutions and spreadsheets to track customer information, struggled with performance issues, and were not integrated across the lines of businesses and customer-facing websites. They were not seeing a clear picture of their customer’s journey and experienced related challenges like long call times because more time was spent to understand who the customer was before they could address their needs. 

Sales Rollout

ConvaTec partnered with eLogic, who initiated a global strategic assessment and created a roadmap to roll out their new solutions across Sales, Marketing, and Service. ConvaTec was looking for fast results, so eLogic deployed a rapid start program that covered  initial design, configuration, translation of numerous languages – including Japanese, Korean, and Cantonese – all developed and deployed within four months. The final step to launching Microsoft Dynamics 365 included workshops conducted across the globe to train its 1,000 users. 

After launch, the sales teams had a streamlined tool to track customer needs and information, and executives had actionable insights in a single place where they could measure sales performance and use that to create better forecasting. 


  • Global Sales & Service 

  • Dynamics 365 Sales  

  • Dynamics 365 Customer Service 

  • ERP Integration 

  • DTC Integration 

Key Stakeholders

Sales Reps

1,000 users across 17 countries are using a single CRM to track customer needs and information, giving them an enhanced tool to improve sales and service. 

Customer Service


Customer details and orders are fed to the ERP, along with sales insights in CRM, while sharing tracking, communications, order summaries, and more, with customers, improving service and turnaround time. 


Leaders get a clear view into the customer lifecycle and gain actionable insights with one tool that measures performance, empowering clearer forecasting. 






+ Service


Increase in

Load Speed

Customer Service

ConvaTec next worked with eLogic to roll out their Dynamics 365 Customer Service solution, connecting its Sales team to Customer Service with integrations back to their ERP system. All lines of business were now handling customer details and orders and passing them to their ERP for fulfillment. Dynamics 365 was also tracking sales and insights, and feeding them to ERP, all while sharing data and insights across the enterprise.  


With enhanced customer service, ConvaTec now had multiple ways to connect with customers, track their information, and fulfill their needs. Aside from online order taking, they also automated communications including order summaries and patient/consumer feedback surveys for continuous improvement, and case management, including complaints, product requests, queues, and a knowledge base with product information to give service reps the information they needed to better help consumers. And it was all was integrated into ConvaTec’s consumer-facing websites, like, and Dynamics 365, SharePoint, and OneDrive. 

Faster Service with a Unified Interface 

When Microsoft released the Unified Interface, eLogic supported ConvaTec's organization-wide upgrade.  ConvaTec has seen powerful results, including increased load speeds of over 90%. The work that goes into bringing a product to market is invaluable. But what the customer gets out of it is equally important. ConvaTec is realizing that every day through a single platform that connects their sales, distribution, and leadership to provide an outstanding customer experience. 

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