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Colfax Modernizes their Customer Experience with Oracle CPQ Enhancement 


Streamlined end-to-end processes for product selection and configuration, saving steps and time, while improving accuracy. 

Great customer experiences aren’t a coincidence. They’re a design.  


Colfax Fluid Handling (now part of CIRCOR), faced the need to replace a dated Oracle CPQ. Orders were slow to make their way through the company, processes were creating errors, and customer requests were taking longer than necessary.

Colfax engaged eLogic to evaluate their existing Oracle CPQ implementation, which revealed a significant opportunity for the customer to better leverage the full available functionality.  With a CPQ upgrade and the addition of custom, industry-focused features, Colfax drastically improved their customer experience and sales process with a modernized CPQ solution. 

Industry-Specific CPQ Enhancements 

Lights-out Order Processing – Standard product and commercial orders are automatically entered in ERP and released to planning without anyone needing to intervene. Before the upgrade, orders would be submitted in CPQ and handled manually between sales and planning. With lights out order processing, there is no manual work involved. The automated process enables huge time and money savings for Colfax. Customers get better service with big time savings through the sales cycle. 


  • Oracle CPQ Enhancements 

  • Oracle CPQ Upgrade 

  • Portal 

  • ERP Integration 

Key Stakeholders



Save time & improve accuracy on creating orders and getting approvals with a lights out standard ordering process. 


Differentiate by offering enhanced services while saving significant time and money through an optimized sales process. 






Oracle CPQ


Enhancements, Continued: 

Specials Processing – Previously, Colfax was handling special requests outside of CPQ through phone calls and emails. eLogic streamlined special orders, fully utilizing the native functionality of Oracle CPQ to reduce cycle times, save money, improve the quality of applications and proposals, and make it easier for customers to make a special request and get it fulfilled in less time. 


Certifications and Tests Linked to a Specific Pump on the Order – Previous, testing requests of equipment and those test results were not included in CPQ. Those are not located within CPQ and easily accessible, improving internal communication and customer service.  

Parts Search – Enhanced to include more robust search parameters so that customers & distributors could easily find the parts they’re looking for with CPQ.  

Order Search Enhancements – Improved the search functionality to include products that customers could re-order, allowing customer service to find previous orders more efficiently and make it quicker to service the customer.  

Product Selection Integration with Configuration – Any time you have to reenter data, there’s a chance for error. This feature streamlined the end-to-end process of product selection and configuration, saving steps and time, while improving accuracy. 

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