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A Leading Provider of Aircraft Sustainment Services Transforms their Operations 


With eLogic + Microsoft we were able to streamline maintenance, forecast part availability, & make the mechanics who turn the wrenches on the aircraft a lot more effective, efficient, and safe. What we’ve done is put mobile devices in their hands; they’re able to see everything from the entire aircraft & that goes all the way up to the Leadership Team.”

VP and CIO

Aircraft Sustainment

Imagine managing the complex maintenance of a $60 million fighter jet with printed spreadsheets taped to a wall.  

Picture a fleet of 250 fighter jets, each with thousands of mission critical components, measured & controlled for every flight hour, operational cycle, and in-flight event. Envision 7,000 employees supporting flight line activity, maintenance planning, & field service maintenance operations using manual logbooks, clipboards, whiteboards, and spreadsheets, with only rudimentary static reports to manage operational efficiency and mandatory Department of Defense reporting.


"Let's get after it..." 


Those were the words of the executive sponsor of the customer’s aircraft sustainment program, a former Marine Corps Aviation Strike Force Commander when eLogic first showed him how eLogic’s Aircraft Sustainment solution would revolutionize their business model. 

The Flight Plan

Now picture a modular, integrated complete aircraft sustainment and operational control system that optimizes flight-line operations, aircraft inspections, predictive maintenance planning and reporting, advanced inventory analysis, and depot maintenance operations all running in a secure cloud with mobile capabilities. It empowers those maintenance controllers, flight line operators, and field service techs across all operations, using ruggedized mobile devices on the flight lines and aircraft carrier decks, in aircraft hangers, and inside maintenance operations.


This transformation is realized through eLogic’s Aircraft Sustainment solution, which runs on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service, enhanced with Power BI, Office 365, Project Services, and Azure Machine Learning. All running in Microsoft’s Government Community Cloud. 


  • Dynamics 365 Field Service  

  • Advanced Analytics 

  • Azure Machine Learning 

  • Government Community Cloud 

  • Mobile Enablement 

  • Power Platform 

Key Stakeholders

Field Service Technicians

Use a mobile device for more effective service operations and complete visibility into the entire aircraft. 

Field Service Managers

Track and dispatch techs digitally, with insights into work performed, hours spent, parts needed, in a completely streamlined process. 


Differentiate in a highly competitive service market 

Reduced Maintenance Overtime



Extended Aircraft Service Life




Ready For Takeoff

The solution is a mission-critical example of the power of Microsoft’s cloud technologies coupled with eLogic’s industry domain expertise. The end-result is a revolutionary change for the customer, a business transformation through advanced operational automation & control, and intelligent & predictive models visible in dashboards, optimizing each major function – from maintenance planning to flight line aircraft operations.    

Upon adoption, this Aircraft Sustainment solution was the leading differentiator for every contract that this customer bid, including multi-billion-dollar contracts for critical government aircraft service across the globe.


The measurable impacts on their business include: 


  • Optimized maintenance to extend aircraft service life to a $60M aircraft  

  • Reduced maintenance overtime – a 10% reduction in 1 year was enough to pay for the program.   

  • Optimized aircraft scheduling – maintenance crews were using tablets to track their work, parts needed, inventory, along with scheduling and tracking of past work, a far superior process to papers and white boards.   

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