Advantage Sales™ for Manufacturers 

A Complete Digital Selling Solution for Manufacturers built on the Microsoft Platform. 

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Account Management

More effectively manage accounts in Advantage, looking at sales performance, sales recommendations through AI, reminders of key activities and opportunities to close, and an overview of relationships and news.

  • Stay on top of your customer needs 

  • Get insights into account performance, current vs. expected

  • See product recommendations that have a high likelihood of closing 

  • Use LinkedIn Sales Navigator for Account Research 

Pipeline Analysis

See your entire pipeline, know what to prioritize, clearly identify gaps and risks, and have insights at your fingertips.

  • Visualize your entire pipeline

  • Prioritize the right deals with AI-based forecasting

  • View pipeline by year, seller, account, Capital equipment vs. aftermarket 

  • Perform what-if analysis to assess pipeline sufficiency

Collaborate with 

Bring the solution to where the engineering team works in Microsoft Teams. Collaborate on documents, share opportunity information, summarize new wins.

  • Share files, communicate through chats, and track account info

  • A Single Tool for Engineers to approve/communicate with sales

Revenue Projections

See how the time-phased revenue forecasting feature in Advantage drives easy-to-use insights.

  • Project revenue accurately with time-phased forecasting

  • Visualize your revenue using the revenue projections dashboard

  • Collaborate: finance + sales ops teams get instant access to your forecasts

Sales Meetings

Give your sales meeting with reps and teams greater impact with insights from sales forecasting, pipeline analysis, and key opportunities. 

  • Sales Meeting Preparation: Get insights on probability and risk in your pipeline with views into rep forecasts and AI predictions.    

  • Run Sales Meetings Smoothly: easily pivot on your pipeline by rep, forecast period, key accounts, or whether the opportunity is a capital equipment, service, or aftermarket deal. 

Digital Sales

Prioritize and follow up with your leads faster and more effectively by leveraging the digital selling solution in Advantage and Dynamics 365. 


  • Track Your Marketing Effectiveness 

  • Score & Prioritize Your Leads 

  • Researching Leads 

  • Tailored Communication 

Sales Process

Advantage for Dynamics 365 streamlines complex capital equipment & aftermarket sales, giving a user-friendly, formalized process that includes tools to communicate with customers, track account activity, collaborate internally across departments, and create quotes, all in a single application.

  • Effectively Manage Large Capital Project Sales

  • A Simplified Process for Aftermarket Sales

  • A Clear View every element of the sales process is tracked

Sales Coaching

Get the insights you need to help your team succeed, using AI and sales analytics that highlight the biggest opportunities and the highest risks in each sales reps pipeline and accounts.


  • Seller Performance 

  • Pipeline Analysis

  • Growth Strategies 

  • Recency Frequency Monetary Analysis (RFM) 

Effective Quoting with 

In a single, streamlined process, sales reps can use Advantage™ for Microsoft Dynamics 365 and SAP CPQ to configure, price, and quote, and share with customers and internal teams.

  • Easily Convert Quote Requests Into Opportunities: Create opportunities in a single flow, even starting with an email.

  • Seamless SAP Integration: Create complex quotes for capital equipment and aftermarket parts and services using SAP CPQ, integrated into the sales process. 

  • Sales Collaboration: Outside Sales reps can easily share an opportunity with Inside Sales reps, tracking customer communication, quotes, & more.

Streamlined Digital Signatures with Adobe Sign

Sales teams can get their contracts signed more efficiently with the power of Adobe Sign integrated within Advantage™ for Microsoft Dynamics 365. 

  • Create PDF Quotes - Easily create clear, visually appealing, PDF quotes within Advantage™ 

  • Seamless Customer Experience - Your customers can quickly review contract details, initial, sign, and approve with all interactions captured in Advantage™  

  • Improved Communication - In one seamless sales flow, you can email the quote to your customers for review and signature.