5 Reasons You Want SAP CPQ

See how SAP CPQ saves time at every step of the manufacturing process. CPQ solutions enhance configurable selling, reduce time to market, enable quicker customer responses & customer friendly quotes, and free up internal resources to better serve more customer needs.

And while some manufacturers are leveraging CPQ solutions to achieve these results, many continue to operate with outdated methods that result in wasted time and effort, an inferior customer experience compared to their competitors, and potential lost revenue.

In this 30-minute, on-demand event, eLogic’s Lawrence Matusek and Tom McKee take you through the five major benefits manufacturers are reaping from SAP CPQ to enhance selling and production by reducing quote times from weeks to hours, speeding time to market for new product introductions, responding to customer inquiries faster, and enabling their teams to spend more quality time serving customers. Learn how to effectively use SAP CPQ to:

  • Launch products to market faster

  • Reduce quote times from weeks to hours

  • Present the highest quality proposals in a fraction of the time

  • Reduce the risk of leaving potential business on the table

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2:09 CPQ Game Changer 1 New Product Introduction

6:51 CPQ Game Changer 2 UX for Partners & Distributors

10:39 CPQ Game Changer 3 Proposal Generation

17:38 CPQ Game Changer 4 Approval Workflows

22:19 CPQ Game Changer 5 Lost Opportunity Elimination

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